Address by the Founder of ISVI


Practitioner of Chinese Wisdom

ISVI was formally established in 2016, following the"people-oriented" original investment philosophy, focusing on the discovery and investment of high-quality startups, with its own funds to invest in angel-stage startups, focusing on the layout of health care, advanced manufacturing, corporate services and other fields.
YuanZhen focuses on long-term value investment, and the self-developed quantitative analysis system for equity investment (Cellarius) is used throughout the investment research and judgment.
YuanZhen's vision is to discover and nurture China's future outstanding entrepreneurs, grow with them and help them realize their life value, corporate value, and social value, to build long-term real value and contribute to the prosperity and strength of China.

We keep our inherent development rhyme and “human-based” investment philosophy. We are low-profile and stable, pursuing for well-grounded long-term planed development instead of seeking quick success. In combination with the Chinese cultural wisdom system, we strive to create a bright future for startup enterprises by means of equity investment. We adhere to the masterpiece philosophy and follow the investment principle of emphasizing quality instead of quantity and keeping patient. We have only one objective, i.e. to pursue value investment.